Custom Built Computer Systems

There are many different uses for a PC. Each use has its own specific requirements. Configuring your own PC requires knowing what you want, and knowing the difference between all the new technologies out there. No matter what the need or budget, at Maine PC Pro we will ensure that your new computer is exactly suited for you are looking for.

Gaming PC’s require attention to key areas like 3D rendering, CPU power, and memory. You can even have it liquid cooled for better and more silent cooling for overclocking.

Home Theater systems require large amounts of storage for all of your media.

Video Editing systems need high end video cards and superfast disk bandwidth.

Servers need hardware like multi-cpu motherboards and high speed disk access.

Whatever your needs are, we are here to build you a reliable machine. And if you buy a new commputer from us we will also transfer your files to your new PC free of charge.