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Maine PC Pro offers a full range of computer, and network services. From repairs and upgrades to hardware and software solutions, we are your one stop shop for all your computer needs. Maine PC Pro specializes in custom PC construction for a wide variety of tasks. Whether it’s for productivity or for gaming, we will build you a system from the ground up to suit you and your budget. We also provide data services including backing up your systems or recovering lost data as well as virus and malware removal to ensure the safety of your information.

We understand how stressful any computer related issue can be, big or small, and we are here, ready to help you through any issue and get you back up and running.

Custom Build Log 1

For this build the client had a PC he had purchased a year earlier that he wanted to upgrade so he could start gaming on it. He was on a budget so he wanted something that could be upgraded in the future, but would still be able to hold its own with current release titles. The case that he came in with was in really good condition. It didn’t support front panel USB 3.0 but that was not going to be an issue with the client as there were still rear panel USB 3.0 ports. So the case stays. His mother board had but 1 PCIe 2.0 x16 port. Because the ....